Thursday, November 8, 2018

Emotional Eating: How to deal with eating your problems away

We have all been there. Been through a bad break up and we get a pint of ice cream and watch cheesy romantic comedies. Or maybe we get upset about the loss of a job and we order an extra large pizza just for ourselves. I am going to explain here why you shouldn't eat your problems away and find a healthier outlet to release stress. Essentially, what you are doing is turning food into a drug. You are using it to escape reality. You are using it to comfort yourself during hardships. It is nothing but a crutch. This will often lead you off the deep as you will start to develop a problem with overeating. Essentially, what you are doing is associating negative emotions with food which is a habit that will stick in your brain. Food can be like a drug in the sense that it releases dopamine in our brain which is the feel-good chemical that gives us pleasure. It is the reward chemical in our brain. When our brain is over flooded with dopamine, that is when addiction starts. Being addicted to food is a problem that can kill someone. This addiction is bad because you can't stop eating food. You need to learn to control your food consumption. So it's not like you can just quit food and be done with it. If you quit eating you would die. So how to solve the problem of emotional eating, find other outlets to escape. If you are feeling down, go work out! If you are feeling stressed, meditate. Find something else to replace food as that outlet of stress, something that is healthy. Find healthy coping mechanisms to make your weight loss a lot easier!

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