Sunday, November 11, 2018

Fats or Carbs, which one is your enemy?

When losing weight, We all want to know which diet will give us the best results. Should we cut out fats or carbs, which one would be more effective? Well, according to a study done by the "Journal of the American Medical Association" did a study that proves that both diets worked equally as effectively regardless of genetics, 

"Conducted by researchers at Stanford University, this study included 609 overweight or obese adults from the San Francisco Bay area. Through the study, participants were randomly assigned to either a low-carb or low-fat diet for one year. During this period, they attended regular classes where they received dietary instructions and support from certified dieticians.
For the first two months, participants limited their intake of fat or carbohydrates to 20 grams a day, depending on their assigned diet. They then slowly added fat or carbs back into their diet, while keeping fat or carb consumption as low as they could maintain. All participants were also encouraged to stay active and maintain a healthy diet throughout the study. After one year, researchers found no significant difference in weight loss between either group." Average weight loss was 12 pounds in the low-fat group and 13 pounds in the low-carb group(1)."
This was a good study to be done because it shows that it doesn't matter whether you go on a low carb diet or a low-fat diet but you have to choose some structured diet to lose weight. So the real question is now which one of these are you most willing to give up in your diet. If you like eating bread and many other things that have carbs in it than the low carb one isn't for you. If you like eating cheese and ice cream than the low fat isn't for you. Find a diet that allows you to eat the foods you want to eat(in moderation of course) and that doesn't sacrifice foods that you love eating regularly. When I started losing weight, I went on Keto(low carb) because I was still allowed to eat meat on Keto which was very important to me and I didn't really care about giving up bread or any high carb foods. So I was able to stick on Keto because to me it wasn't that huge of a sacrifice. Honestly, whether you do low carb or low fat is up to you but you should weigh out which one you are more willing to sacrifice. Going on a diet takes a lot of discipline but it should never be too uncomfortable for you to handle it. If it is too uncomfortable for you to handle then you should find another diet to do that better suits your needs and food choices. 

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