Friday, November 30, 2018

How to guide on Cheat Meals

A huge part of losing weight is staying disciplined with your diet. In fact, I would say that is the most important part of losing weight. But isn't it okay to indulge every once in a while? When you are out with your friends and they are all eating all this delicious, marvelous, unhealthy food that is full of sugar and carbs, don't you want to join them. Well, the good news is that indulging every once in a while is okay. But it's important to get back on track after you indulge. Here are 5 Tips on how to do cheat meals properly. 

1. Make a cheat meal a reward! 
This is probably the most ironic thing that I have ever said, but making a cheat meal as your reward for losing weight will be a good way to motivate yourself. So let's say that you lost 10 pounds, go out and eat pizza or indulge in your favorite food to celebrate your accomplishments! You should be very proud of yourself for losing that weight because it is not easy! Invite your friends and your support system and have a celebration! It is an important reminder that your accomplishments are always worth celebrating! 

2. Don't overdo it!
Don't come in with the mentality of wanting to eat everything all in one day because it is your cheat day. You will instantly regret overeating so much! Remember, everything in moderation. So instead of eating the entire pizza maybe just have a few slices. Don't eat an entire pint of ice cream, eat maybe a bowl or two. Keep in the back of your head that this is not an excuse to eat as much as you want. Have self-control and practice disciple. 

3. Plan your cheat meal!
If you are counting your calories, remember to count your cheat meal with those calories that you are counting. Remember that an important part of losing weight is being honest with yourself. If you plan on eating 2500 calories a day, you should incorporate your cheat meal into that. While indulging, remember that your cheat meal counts in the daily number of calories you consume so plan around that so you have some wiggle room. If your daily calorie count is, 2500, let's say, and that pizza you are eating is 500, remember to only eat 2000 calories before you eat your pizza. Maybe also start a routine for cheat meals, like tell yourself, "once a week I will have a cheat meal." 

4. Get back on track!
After indulging yourself, remember to get back to your diet and regular routine. It is easy to tell yourself, "One more day of eating unhealthy isn't going to hurt me." Then all of a sudden, you are forming a habit. Discipline is key, remember your goals and what you want to achieve is more important than the comfort and satisfaction of eating unhealthy food. 

5. Don't check the scale the next day! 
 Remember to not check the scale the next day after eating really unhealthy or overeating. The reason being is because you know that your weight is going to increase and when you check the scale, you will feel demotivated and stressed by the minor weight gain that happened. Remember that it is important to not be obsessed over what the number on the scale is because, in reality, that is not healthy and will lead to you being stressed out and worrying. I made a blog post in the past about not worrying about small weight gains. Don't sweat the small stuff, remember that checking your weight the day after having a cheat meal is not going to be accurate because one day of overeating doesn't equate to your real weight and progress on your weight loss journey. 

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