Friday, December 7, 2018

Interview with my Vegan Friend

So last night, I interviewed my vegan friend, Sam Fortin, about veganism and her personal experience with it. I wrote an article about veganism earlier but I thought it would be better to interview someone who has personal experience with this diet. Here is the information I found. 

When did you start your vegan diet?
February of 2018

What health benefits have you noticed from becoming a vegan? 
It helped me digest food easier. I don’t have any crash after eating a big meal. 

What food was the hardest to give up once going vegan? 
Not eating meat as a whole was hard. Burgers, sushi, and baked goods were the hardest. 

What was the hardest thing about becoming a vegan? 
It is hard getting the sustainable nutrients that you get from animal products. 

What is your reasoning for being vegan? Health reasons? Moral reasons? To help the environment? 
Health reasons mainly to help my digestion and to give me more energy. 

What negative physical/mental side effects did you notice from becoming vegan? 
If I wasn’t eating enough protein I would feel tired midday. Other than that not really. 

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