Wednesday, January 2, 2019

How to Stay Motivated on Your Weight Loss Journey

It's a New Year, January is a month known for New Years Resolutions and there will be plenty of people going to the gym and getting rid of all the ice cream in their freezer and chips in their pantry. Plenty of people are trying to lose weight this month. We want to make sure you're motivated all throughout the year though, not just in the month of January. Once February rolls around, it's easy to fall off the bandwagon. Here are 5 tips I have for staying motivated on your weight loss journey. 

1). Write down a list of reasons you want to lose weight 
Write down an entire list of reasons you want to lose weight. Think of every reason you could possibly think of. Treat it like you are writing an essay for your class. Pretend you are like JK Rowling writing a Harry Potter book. Like you are a professional list maker. Once you have written down every reason that you could think of to lose weight, keep it safe and look at it every day. Make looking at that list a part of your routine. It will be the best habit you have formed. 

2). Don't let setbacks bring you down
If you noticed you gained a little bit of weight back, get back on track. Work out harder! Be more disciplined with your diet! Don't just have a case of the "screw it" mentality and eat up the entire pantry. You are going to have setbacks and failures in life. No one is perfect! Professional basketball players don't make every shot that they shoot. Professional Quarterbacks throw interceptions from time to time. You are going to mess up! The important thing to do when you do mess up is to learn from it and to keep going! Resilience is key! Never give up! 

3). Take it one day at a time 
Tell yourself, Today I'm going to stick to my diet and exercise. Don't think about the long-term. Think about today. Thinking about months or years in the future can be overwhelming. If you take it one day at a time, those days add up and then you will eventually be a month in and you have lost a decent amount of weight. Then you will be at a year of being disciplined and you will be in amazing shape. 

4). Have someone to keep you accountable
Find someone to keep you accountable! Someone that will give you tough love and will call you out when you are screwing up. This could be anyone, a friend, your mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, personal trainer, etc. Sometimes we need to be told the harsh truth, not what we want to hear. You don't want someone telling you it's okay to eat that donut even though you are on a diet. Find someone who will take that donut out of your hands and hand you a salad. Find someone who is not afraid of confrontation and to say no to you. It is hard to lose weight alone, having a support system around you can significantly help. 

5). Be Honest with yourself and others
If you are slipping up on your diet, be honest with yourself and fix it. Don't lie to yourself and justify your behavior. Tell your support system that you screwed up. Write about how you screwed up so you can confront yourself. Honesty is the best policy. People who are supportive of you won't judge you for messing up. They will be supportive and caring, but won't be afraid to tell you things you don't want to hear. The reason your support system is being brutally honest with you is that they care about you and want you to achieve your goals. Someone truly cares about you when they are not afraid to show you tough love. 

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